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Affordable Travel For The College Budget

Adrianna Velazquez

With spring break slowly approaching and summer vacation creeping around the corner, the travel bug is biting students hard.

Limited to college budgets, traveling seems to go as far as a couple hours north, south, east or west of students’ hometowns. What students don’t know is that there are many places in the U.S. and outside that are friendly to their college budgets.

When thinking of travel opportunities this summer that won’t break the bank consider some of these five affordable options.

1. Phoenix
With three-digit temperatures signaling most travelers to stay far away, Phoenix offers a great travel experience with its scenery, affordable hotels, resorts and plenty of restaurants, museums and bars to keep you entertained. Round-trip airfare to Phoenix averages out to $274 according to with average hotel rates rolling out at $67/night.

2. Denver
Denver boasts plenty of ways to satisfy any young traveler, from taking a ride on a roller coaster at Lakeside Amusement Park to watching a ball game at Coors Field or taking in the mountainous sights, Denver has plenty to offer. According to average round-trip airfare to the mile high city are just $270 while hotel rates average at about $52/night.

3. San Juan
Puerto Rico offers an exciting getaway for students looking to explore a more tropical setting that’s budget-friendly. With round-trip airfare averaging to $334 according to students are sure to enjoy an unforgettable tropical and cultural experience. Hotels in San Juan average to $109/night as reported by

4. Costa Rica
Costa Rica offers a sweet, tropical escape at a budget-friendly rate. From its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters to hiking or bungee jumping, Costa Rica offers endless possibilities when it comes to spontaneous travel and immersing yourself into a new culture.

5. Amsterdam
With plenty of free tours, free concerts and other free activities for young travelers to take part in. Amsterdam offers a fun travel experience on a tight budget. Students that travel in groups can even find cheaper rates for trips to the Netherlands.

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