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San Francisco to host 50th Super Bowl

Corey Demaline

Candlestick Park home of the San Francisco 49ers

49ers up against Miami Dolphins for 2016 game


As it stands, the San Francisco 49ers are favored to host the 50th Super Bowl of the NFL. If not chosen, the Miami Dolphins take the win and will host the historic event. Whichever team is not chosen will compete for the 51st Super Bowl against the Houston Texans.

Why the 49ers? San Francisco is currently in the process of building a new stadium.

Jerry Rice states his thoughts on the location and says, “I think with the new stadium… we can host the Super Bowl there… It’s going to be awesome. So I realize there’s a lot of history at Candlestick. To stay competitive in the NFL, this is something we have really needed for long, long time and I think it’s going to be awesome.”

The Miami Dolphins had every intention of building a new stadium as well, but in early May the city tossed the idea aside. Even though the Dolphins have a record of hosting the Super Bowl ten times, without the new stadium their chances have dropped dramatically. The 49ers have only ever hosted the Super Bowl once in 1985.

Since Miami Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross, refuses to fund the renovation of the 26-year-old Miami Gardens venue alone, the stadium has lost a majority vote for hosting the 50th Super Bowl. For years the NFL has wanted to see changes in the Miami Dolphins stadium, but since state funding for the renovation won’t come through, the venue will suffer.

San Francisco 49ers take the lead in hosting the 50th Super Bowl by investing in a new $1.2 billion stadium in Santa Clara. The doors of the venue are due to open next year; just in time for the 50th Super Bowl.

Albert Breer wrote on the NFL’s website on Monday saying, “Following the Miami Dolphins’ failure to secure public funding for renovations… San Francisco sits in the driver’s seat.”

“Certainly what happened doesn’t help Miami’s bid. There’s no doubt about that,” Bob McNair, owner of the Houston Texans, stated earlier. “But that doesn’t say that the owners couldn’t decide to still go to Miami.”

Next year’s Super Bowl will be held in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This is home to the New York Giants and New York Jets. The 2015 Super Bowl will be played in Glendale, Arizona, home to the Arizona Cardinals.

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