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The Sims 4 Review Copies Being Withheld Until Release Day

EA will reportedly be withholding all review copies of the Sims 4 until release day, IGN states.

IGN’s reviews editor Dan Stapleton recently tweeted that EA will be withholding The Sims 4 review copies until the release date, stating that EA claimed “…no one’s getting access ahead of release.”

Without confirmation from EA or Maxis, it looks like this is a rather tacky strategy on EA’s part to avoid any pre-release criticism of its latest installment into the Sims franchise.

Inc. Gamers suspects it could have something to do with the removal of some key features of the series from The Sims 4. A full list of features found missing from the upcoming title can be found here.

Whether or not this is true, news like this never bodes well for gamers. Withholding review copies to dodge pre-release criticism isn’t a practice any studio or publisher should be partaking in, and many outlets are stressing that everyone wait until reviews come out from trusted sources before buying The Sims 4.

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