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Dear Friends at College News,

I used to be a serial entrepreneur. Now I’m a cereal entrepreneur, one of the last things I ever expected to happen to me, but as John Lennon said: “Life happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

I thought you may want to know how SEXCEREAL, the world’s first gender-based whole food cereal came to be.

Here’s how SEXCEREAL was born.  One fine sunny morning in July 2011, I felt it was time to come up with a new idea.

Only 6% of new and great ideas come from brainstorming sessions, while 37% of ideas on the other hand come to us in the shower or while walking.  In other words, forget the boardroom, simply take a walk and stare into the present. That’s not easy to do, but it clears the mind and jumpstarts ideas.  (If Richard Branson is on a mission to do away with ties, airless boardrooms with windows that can’t open is my pet peeve.)

I chose the “go on a walk option” to generate my next big idea.  I went for a walk and happened upon a local vegan fair and decided to have a look, even though I’m not vegan.

 I looked around and I noticed something – not one product had to do with sexual health.  I had my epiphany – If a whole food was developed where the ingredients were gender-specific, all-natural, and focused on sexual health, the product would connect with most consumers.

I quickly came to the conclusion that “the food” should be a breakfast cereal.  After all, most people eat cereal?  And who doesn’t believe that sexual health is important?

I remember coming up with the name SEXCEREAL and even though the name scared me to death, I knew that’s what it had to be.

If Richard Branson could make a brand named Virgin work, I could find the courage to give SEXCEREAL a go.  It was “go big or go home” time.

My biggest worry was that by calling it SEXCEREAL everyone would think it was a novelty item, created for shock value alone with no redeeming qualities.  So I knew SEXCEREAL had to be real, honest, nutritious, and taste great. I also knew that because men and women have different biologically and nutritional needs, there had to be one distinct formula for men, and one for women 

After a year of working sixteen hour days, we launched in June 2012, one year after the idea came to me, and today, after one month in the marketplace, SEXCEREAL is selling in over 1,000 stores across Canada and has garnered interest worldwide.   

In the spring of 2013, the USA caught wind of the SEXCEREAL story and all of a sudden we were featured on CNN, Good Morning America, David Letterman, Kelly and Michael, Conan and The Colbert Report.  And that meant that within days we were entertaining distribution offers from a host of countries.  Thank you America.

Final thoughts: Intimacy and love is a beautiful thing.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  And, always remember –love what you do. If you don’t have a passion for the work, choose something else to do, because when you love what you do, it’s never work.


Peter Ehrlich

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