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The 1975 have a newly released single

Jaicel Asegurado

The 1975 Have just released a new single called Love Me

This is not a drill, the 1975 have released Love Me

This is not a drill, The 1975 have a newly released single. Yes. We know. We can finally breathe again.

Last Friday – October 9, fans of the infamous British band, The 1975, including us, went crazy waiting for the debut of their new single Love Me on BBC Radio 1. This is their first interview and appearance after months of drought from this fandom.

The four-member band went hiatus for almost six months doing nothing but focus on recording their second album in Los Angeles, California. Feeding us only pink pictures of things on Instagram and endless and typewritten poems by Matty and vintage comic strips., the 1975’s newly released single  What’s not to love?

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Rewind to early this summer wherein The 1975 had pulled a deadly stunt on us and deactivated all their accounts on social media for straight 24 hours. Which made us basically insane only just to realize that this was a rebirth of a much pinker than ever version of themselves.

Not to mention the releasing of their tour dates for this year and for early next year is literally bizarre. And trust me when I say that tickets were sold out five mins after they were released. Been there, done that, folks! But the stressful nights and days are totally worth it when you finally secured your ticket to one for their concerts.

If you are reading this and you are not familiar with this band (yet), we are not here to judge you *BUT REALLY? What are you doing with your life?* hence here’s a quick description and appreciation photos for you to indulge in.

First, Matty Healy, the beautiful human sent-by-heaven curly front man. He loves making us go nuts with his out-of-this-world vocabulary and we are not even complaining about it. We are digging it, mate.

George Daniel, the drummer of The 1975. The soft gentle giant of the group (he is really tall). Rumor has it that he gives the best hugs. Aww, Georgie.

Adam Hann – I don’t know how he can be so silent, fragile, innocent, talented, hardcore and charming all at once but that’s Hann for you. He is a man of few words but when he speaks, surely, 100% of it is just too adorable.

And of course, Ross McDonald, the penguin-lover and too-cute-to-handle bassist who will make your heart melt when he flash his lovely smile.

On the serious note though the band have been successful for the past two years from their best-selling self-titled debut album released last 2013 to sold out concerts all over the world and headlining huge music festivals in different countries making them breakthrough artists of 2014.

The 1975 at MTV Crashes. Matty wearing a Slayer shirt and the rest sticking with their black and white aesthetic.

Their second album entitled I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It will be released on February with, of course, 17 beautiful tracks from The 1975. And for the record, we did not made that title up — it’s just how Matty’s mind works most of the time.

Started from a Punk band to Indie Rock and now a Pop Band. “We’ve become pop stars,” front man Matthew Healy said on their Radio 1 interview. “There’s just not enough good pop bands, man, and I’m sick of it.”

Yes, Matty, you tell ‘em. We are with you.

But what do you think of their new single? Do you love it? Let us know what you think of The 1975’s newly released single by commenting below!

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