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Terrell Owens cut from Indoor Football League

Sara Hall

Terrell Owens cut from Indoor Football League.

Performance cited as official reason, but bad behavior also played role in release from team

Terrell Owens has found himself in yet another controversy —  once again for his less-than-perfect professional behavior.

Former NFL wide receiver Owens was released by the Allen Wrangers of the Indoor Football League on Tuesday, May 29.

While team president and co-owner Tommy Benizio said the decision to cut Terrell Owens was performance-based, Benizio also said in a statement on the team’s website that Owens failed to appear at a charity event, which was not the first time he acted less-than-professionally.

“The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back for Mr. Owens was his no-show to a scheduled appearance at a local children’s hospital with other Wrangler players and coaches,” Benizio said in the statement.

Benzio said the Allen Wranglers’ organization does not want a player as notable as Terrell Owens missing scheduled appearances.

Team Owner Jon Frankel said Owens’ refusal to play in upcoming away games also contributed to the decision to cut him from the IFL.

In the release on the team’s website, Frankel said Terrell Owens made it clear he “had  no intentions of playing in the team’s upcoming crucial away games in Nebraska and Everett.”

When Terrell Owens joined the Wranglers in February, he entered into a deal that included a piece of ownership of the franchise. However, given the recent events, the statement claimed Owens will “no longer participate as team owner.”

Terrell Owens move from the NFL to the IFL was viewed as a fall from his former prestigious reputation – one that had him positioned for a potential NFL Hall of Fame spot.
Terrell Owens called his release “unfortunate” and said he will now work on returning to the NFL.

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