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College sex tips for women

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Avoiding the top ten dangerous male turnoffs

Girls, do you know what makes him sizzle and singe? Surprisingly, women are guilty of distasteful performances during intimacy. Like women, men are turned off by particular actions their partners implement while they are having sex. According to Sex Correspondent Agent, David Strovny, there are a few common turnoffs that most men share.

“The thing is, it’s normal to let things slide when we haven’t been getting any, but as time passes and you continue to sleep with the same person over and over again, you discover things about their bedroom behavior that may be, well, not to your liking.”

1. Girls grind  their teeth against the penis
Most men cannot stand the feeling of teeth grinding against the base of their penis or nibbling on the head.

2. Girls yank the testicles
Men enjoy having their testicles licked or stroked; however, some women make the mistake of pulling the testicles. Not only is the pulling sensation uncomfortable but annoying as well.

3. Girl stick their fingers in the wrong places
Not all heterosexual men feel comfortable with anal attention. There are some guys who like the sensation of fingers or objects being inserted into their anus, but although this may be pleasurable, without warning it can be very disturbing and also make a man feel awkward.

4. Licking the penis like a lollipop
Men are usually grateful when a woman performs oral sex but there are right ways and wrong ways to pleasure a man with your mouth. Girls sometimes tend to lick the penis without fully covering the penis with her mouth, which could possibly lead to frustration and ruin the moment.

5. Keeps sucking when the penis is sensitive
After ejaculation the penis becomes extremely sensitive. Women tend to continue sucking the head of the penis after ejaculation, which is painful.

6. Girls stop doing something he’s enjoying
When a man is expressing that he likes a particular action, don’t stop. Usually women have a habit of doing something different and that potentially throws the mood off.

7. Nipples pinched excessively
Licking, kissing and gently sucking the nipples is very arousing. However, when they are pinched unmercifully, men are turned off. Men  dislike having their nipples pinched too firmly.

8. Talking too nasty
Everyone enjoys a little naughty talk during intimacy to spice things up, but some women overuse words like “daddy, nasty, or other derogatory words.” 

9. Insecurity and unwillingness to try new things
Males don’t mind a woman who is a bit shy and prefers the lights to be off during sex until she takes extreme measures to avoid being seen naked. Men also dislike when a woman refuses to be adventurous, experience new positions or fulfill fantasies. Trying new things preserves intimacy and excitement.

Ladies, just like you, men look forward to being satisfied fully. Sex should be fun, exciting and pleasing. By avoiding these factors you will be capable of pleasing your man to the fullest extent!

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