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Stephen Colbert’s Presidential Aspirations

Danielle Olipra

Stephen Colbert

Comedian’s mock campaign continues to attract attention

Comedian Stephen Colbert has claimed that even though his name will not be on the ballot in South Carolina’s republican primary,  it doesn’t mean the won‘t become president someday.  But he isn’t really running for president, reports the NY Daily News.

On Sunday, Colbert’s interview with ABC’s “This Week” informed us that he chose a presidential exploratory committee last week that consists of “someone who is good with explosives, a mountain climber and a brain in a jar.”

Colbert’s mock campaign aims “to highlight how super political action committees are changing the election landscape by pumping millions of dollars into the 2012 presidential election.”  While the funnyman has drawn attention to the issue, his plan may have backfired some.

Colbert’s lofty satire caught up with him during the same ABC interview when he was shown a clip released by fans, which in an over the top spoof of an attack ad, calls Mitt Romney a “serial killer.”

“I had nothing to do with that ad… I am not calling anyone a serial killer,” Colbert responded.

Colbert launched his faux presidential campaign last week on his Comedy Central show in which he parodies a right-wing talk show host.

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