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Chicago hopes to welcome OJ Mayo to the Bulls

Lexi Elias

Where will OJ Mayo go?

The free agent will make his decision in the next 10 days

The Chicago Bulls are still trying to make up for the dreaded months that Derrick Rose will be on the bench during the 2012-2013 NBA season. Although Bulls fans are excited to welcome former Kentucky Wildcat, Marquis Teague, to Chicago, they are still trying to replace the points that will be lost while Rose is recovering from his knee injury.

Signing OJ Mayo, shooting guard and free agent who played with the Memphis Grizzlies, would definitely help the Bulls put points up on the scoreboard. As Rose averaged 21.8 points last season, his unbelievable ability to drive to the lane and blow past defensive players is vital to the Bulls.

 OJ Mayo has the potential to really help the Bulls by either starting over Rip Hamilton as shooting guard or serving at their sixth man. Either way, OJ Mayo would definitely help fill the void of Derrick Rose and help the Bulls win by putting points up on the scoreboard.

 Playing for the Memphis Grizzlies, OJ Mayo had two outstanding years to start off is career in the NBA. However, he started to go downhill a little as his shooting percentages declined. However, many people believe that with a fresh start, OJ Mayo can raise his shooting percentage to where it used to be, and truly help any team, especially the Bulls. To start in a new city on a different team will let OJ Mayo regain the confidence that he needs to match his shot.

 Unfortunately for Chicago, the Bulls are not the only ones interested in signing OJ Mayo. The free agent is also getting interest from the Lakers, Phoenix and Dallas. OJ Mayo hopes to make his decision withing the next ten days.

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