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Spring Fashion 2015

Simple Suggestions

Spring is right around the corner ladies and gents, so there can be no more excuses as to why you are not looking your best at all times. Winter time is easy for fashion faux-pas because no matter what the occurrence may be, you can always say “It was just too cold to get dressed”. Well, though you may have been committing a fashion crime, you were still within the realm of acceptable excuses. No more, now it is time to get up, get out and get fashionable. If you have even a little fashion sense, you are going to be able to make waves this coming season because 2015 spring fashion is all about sexy self-expression. What better time to find yourself than when you are away, or at home, and in College. Fashion Week set the tone for multiple avenues of expression, every one of them being open for personal tweaks. Can’t beat style is all about doing it right and the best way to do that is to avoid attempting to be like the next person and to just do what makes you look and feel your best. If you’re in College right now, you clearly weren’t a child of the seventies, but maybe you have always loved their free expression in both life and style. Well, guess what, this year is your year and one of the hottest trends of spring 2015 is 70’s Sheik. So get out your sexy hippie gear and prepare to rock the halls and classrooms of your university. For your footwear during these mid-temp months, the going styles are fantastically simple. While spring 2015’s fashion clothing seems to be a flashback to the past, the shoe suggestions seem to be fast-forwarding you into the future. Harpers Bazaar has compiled a complete list of all of the ‘going trends’ which include styles such as the Flat Rate and Future Perfect.

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