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Vegas Spring

Where to Go

Spring break is a time for students to get a much needed escape from the intricacies of college life. A time to temporarily replace all of those nights of late night study sessions and early morning crammers with a well thought out getaway with friends and family. For the 2014/2015 school year, spring breakers have been reserving more hotel rooms on the Vegas strip than ever before. This jump in Las Vegas bookings makes it 2015’s most popular and sought after spring break destination. The big city names that have also made the list include Phoenix, New York City, Orange County and Orlando. –These stats are coming from the hotel reservations made by college students on With everything that comes up while in College, it is easy to go over budget and to over extend yourself in many other ways as well. It is important that, while you desire to have a banging Spring Break, your are sure to keep your persona finances in mind and plan, budget, and spend accordingly. When done in the right way and planned in full, even the students with a hefty amount of debt can enjoy a spring break getaway with friends. First thing to remember is that it is always cheaper to plan and purchase in advance. No matter if your are flying across the country, or just driving to ‘Uncle Ben’s’ place, it is always recommended to get your travel itinerary in order long in advance. Plane tickets are much less expensive when purchased weeks, and even months, in advance. It is always a good idea to buy tickets for n airlines slower days, as well as purchasing in advance because the price increases as the need becomes more imminent. If you are unable to get away from the campus for spring break playtime, simply suit up for an adventure on campus. Despite the fact that many people will tell you that there is NOTHING exciting about staying on campus, there truly is. Be sure to check out the ‘Spring Break in the Dorms’ article that will be posted this evening. Be safe this season and have a blast!

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