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JK Rowling set to release new book

Kara Menini

JK Rowling aims for a adult muggles

Harry Potter creator is writing for a different audience

JK Rowling, the author of the infamous Harry Potter series, is set to get back to the drawing board. This time, though, she’s writing a new book specifically for adults. The important details like title, subject and release date are being guarded, but JK Rowling has said, “Although I’ve enjoyed writing it every bit as much, my next book will be very different to the Harry Potter series.”

JK Rowling, who is worth more than $600 million, has switched publishers from Bloomsbury to Little, Brown. According to CNBC, JK Rowling’s agent, Neil Blair, said, “As her new book is for a different audience, and marks a new literary direction for her, it made sense to separate the two and for her new book to be launched by a different publisher.”  There are rumors that the new book deal is worth around $6 million and that the book could be released as early as this year. 

Even though JK Rowling has only written for children, it doesn’t seem like the switch from writing for a younger crowd to writing for adults will be a challenge according to MailOnline, whom quoted a spokesman for Waterstones. “Children that were eight, nine or ten when the books first came out in the 1990’s are now in their 20’s. Plenty of adults loved the books regardless of whether they had children, so the potential market for her is huge.” 

Twitter has been bustling with rumors about the new book as well as fans who are excited to simply read something new from the author.  One tweet said, “I am so excited that JK Rowling is writing a new novel. I don’t care if it is not Potter related. This is brilliant, brilliant news.” 

The last of the Harry Potter books was released in 2007, selling 11 million copies in the first day alone, but JK Rowling has yet to take a break. was launched last year, “which is effectively a virtual wizarding world offering users encyclopedic detail about the original books,” according to MailOnline.  The millions who have registered for the website can, “access material about the key characters in Harry Potter that had been previously unpublished.”

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