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Caseable: Personalized cases for your laptop or tablet

Josh Smith

You just bought yourself a new tablet and whether it’s a Nexus 7, iPad, Galaxy Tab, or any of the dozens of others available, you want it protected. But you also know that you can’t buy just any old tablet cover. You’re unique and you need something that shows people you’re unique. That’s where Caseable comes in, providing protection for your expensive gadget and giving it style. Whether you already have a design in mind or you want to choose from one of their stock photos, the overall function remains the same: protection.


Perhaps the greatest feature that Caseable offers is the ability to add complete personalization to the cover. Whether laptop or tablet, users can upload a picture to have it reflect their unique personality. Your favorite painting, a funny picture, even Justin Bieber (you know who you are) can be printed on the case itself which ensures you’ll always know the case is yours and so will everybody else. Even licensed and trademarked images are typically accepted; when questioned about possible legal action, College News was told, “there would be action against someone who orders 1,000 pieces of the Boston Red Sox logo and tries to sell it in front of the stadium,” but there hasn’t been need for any legal action thus far. If you have no particular image in mind, fear not! Caseable has a modest selection of pre-made images that will surely catch your fancy. Cases like the old-school Boombox look, the gentlemanly “Moustache Ludwig” case, or even complete lines by artists like Ali Gulec, Tom Christopher, and others.

Creating the Caseable is no easy task, either. There isn’t an assembly line or factory full of robots pumping these out. These are made with care, designed and crafted individually and get all the attention you’d expect. First the graphic, whether it’s user submitted or one of their own, is heated directly onto the case. The exterior of each tablet case is made from recycled polyester, while inside is a soft micro-suede. Laptop cases are crafted from recycled neoprene, and smartphone cases from recycled plastic bottles. Tough on the outside, soft and supple on the inside. Additionally, each one is hand-stitched right in Brooklyn, NY, so rest easy knowing you’re buying an American made product made with recycled material. You’re green!


The tablet case, while stylish, adds the protection you need from scrapes and scratches. The edges are crafted with a thin layer of rubber which adds increased safety during accidental drops and also acts as a ‘stopper’ if you decide to tent the case and use the tablet upright. Because of the design, dropping your tablet or laptop from low heights will show limited damage if any, but from great heights the case itself doesn’t add enough protection to prevent all damage. The lack of a velcro or magnetic tab to hold it close is also a concern, even with the elastic strap keeping it shut for the most part. Additional elastic straps inside will hold your tablet safely in the case and extensive testing showed that it would take some massive force to cause it to fall out. While the price is mid-level, with most tablet cases ranging from $44.90 to $49.90, the protection and benefit of having a personalized case make it well worth the cost. If you’re in the market for a new tablet, laptop, or (coming soon) smartphone case, Caseable will meet your needs.

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Disclaimer: Caseable provided a tablet case for review purposes

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