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Snooki and Gingrich talk strippers

Elif Geris

Snooki and Gingrich have a friendly conversation about bachelor parties

Snooki and Gingrich have a friendly conversation about writing and bachelor parties

“Ron-Ron” juice is the refreshment the accomplished Snooki will be offering former Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich when he swings by the famous Jersey Shore residence to “hang out.”

According to Fox News Cleveland, Snooki and Gingrich sat down together and had a compelling conversation concerning strippers on Wednesday’s airing of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Following a friendly opening exchange between Snooki and Gingrich, Snooki informed Gingrich that she is allowing her fiancé to have strippers at his bachelor party. She then proceeded to ask the former presidential candidate if he had strippers at his own bachelor party.

The conversation between Gingrich and Snooki actually unfolded without Gingrich seeming at all insulted. Gingrich told Snooki, “No, she was already saying she was crazy for saying she’d marry me. She figured that was enough for one round,” referring to his wife, Callista.

As well as admitting to never having watched Jersey Shore, Gingrich congratulated Snooki on her two New York Times best selling books. Snooki and Gingrich have the enjoyment with writing in common.

Snooki told the former Republican party candidate that she aspired to be like him.

Before Snooki and Gingrich took to the stage together, Gingrich spoke with Leno about this year’s presidential elections. Gingrich provided some insight on the topic.

“Obama cannot survive if this campaign is about the economy, so every morning they try to figure out, what’s the newest argument that isn’t about the economy? They don’t actually care what it is. It’s anything except the economy.”

Gingrich recently released his second e-book, “No Taxation by Misrepresentation: Rejecting the Dishonest Obamacare Tax.”

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