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Smoke weed legally in Uruguay

Sissela Murav

Enthused pot smokers rallying for legalization

This November pot will be completely legal in Uruguay

This November Uruguay will completely decriminalize weed—making it a lawful drug to cultivate, smoke, and sell. This is a groundbreaking development in the realm of drug trafficking—this will be the first government-run program on the planet that will have total control of the entire marijuana market.

Uruguay has been a forerunner in the modernization of drug laws for quite some time—30 years, to be exact—the difference of this November’s legislation is that buyers will not have to look to the streets to find their fix—consumers will have heavily regulated and utterly legitimate sources to go to for their smoking pleasure.

As well as legitimatizing the acquisition of weed, government is competing with black market prices—buying marijuana at a federally sanctioned shop will cost $2.50 a gram— the same price independent dealers are asking for. Higher-quality product, at no extra cost? What more could a fiending pot head (or a fiending anyone) ask for?

What’s more—buyers can legally own up to 40 grams of weed per month. Stoners, hold your elation—only those currently holding citizenship in Uruguay may register to have such significant substances. Shockingly, the aim of this government program isn’t to allow for record-breaking consumption of weed—it’s to hopefully make for a safer street environment, and to try to give more focus to the curbing of violent crime, instead of petty marijuana busts.

The agenda is called “Strategy for Life and Coexistence,” and has been campaigned for heavily for years, in a different fashion than similar campaigns in the U.S.—it’s changed the pot legalization effort image from dreadlocked hippie to every day citizen, giving the effort more weight and credibility. Those in the U.S should take note—the way to pot legalization is emphasis on the gleaning of a better environment, not emphasis on how “healthy” and peace-inducing marijuana is. Congrats, Uruguay—truly an innovator, hopefully a trendsetter.

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