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Should Handguns be Part of Dorm Room Supplies?

Jen Thames

College Supplies?

Packing for College Takes on a Whole New Meaning

Believe it or not, they are in Utah. Utah is the only state where students may legally carry a concealed weapon on any public college or university campus at anytime with a permit. Currently they are the only state to allow college students to carry. However, Texas and Missouri have both toyed with the idea and there is currently pending legislation in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Tennessee that would allow students to carry weapons on campus.

Think about it, you’re packing for college and you call out to your mom in the next room, “Hey mom, make sure I have my T-shirts, my shampoo caddy, my college bedding and my ammo.” This is just plain weird.

According to students for Concealed Carry on Campus, shootings on college campuses like the one at Virginia Tech on 12/08/2011 prove that students should have the right to carry guns on campus for self-defense. Proponents for carry laws on campus also believe that allowing concealed weapons would act as a deterrent to anyone thinking about opening fire in a college environment.

Opponents to carrying firearms on campuses point out that more weapons is not the answer. Opponents site the greater likelihood of gun injuries and the logistical problems of securing handguns properly in a dorm room. They also quote statistics that show gun-carry laws lead to increases in weapon-related crimes.

As the Iowa Caucus draws near, this is an issue that could affect college and university students throughout the country. Rick Perry is an avid proponent of allowing students to carry guns on campus and he is currently running for the Republican nomination.

Moreover, this is an issue that stands for much more than just gun rights on college campuses. It has to do with student rights and how students are treated compared to the general population. Does the general mistrust of university students that existed in the 1960’s still exist? Are young American soldiers in Afghanistan any more responsible than their college brethren at home? How do students feel? Do they have a voice about whether or not that tall guy in chem. lab should be packing?

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