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Sharia Law to govern Libya

Danielle Olipra

Mustafa Abdul Jalil

Mustafa Abdul Jalil to impose Islamic law

On Sunday, Libya’s “top leader” Mustafa Abdul Jalil made an announcement that laws adhering to Islam will be imposed on his freshly-liberated people, reports The Atlantic Wire.

The de facto prime minister shared his vision of Libya as a “democratic state based on Islamic law.”  He advocated for change in usury laws, declaring, “The interest on loans will be ruled out. You will not pay it anymore.”  This of course incited a positive reaction from the tens of thousands of Libyans gathered at Keish square in Benghazi.

Jalil said, “We as a Muslim nation have taken Islamic sharia as the source of legislation, therefore any law that contradicts the principles of Islam is legally nullified.”  This includes laws concerning marriage.  Currently, a Libyan man needs permission from his wife in front of a judge before being able to have another wife.  The new laws will allow men to “more easily take on a second wife.”

Elections will be held next June, and only then will Jalil have the influence to implement these laws.

Libya has declared its liberation after 42 years of tyrant Muammar Gadafy’s rule came to an end last week with his death.

Read more about Jalil’s sharia law here.

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