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Samsung NX1000 Smart Camera – A device that lives up to its name

Josh Smith

The instructions for a camera are simple: point and click. Voila, you have your picture. Samsung could have easily presented a camera that offers those simple features, but instead decided to treat the NX1000 Smart Camera much the same that it treats its smartphones: by packing in dozens of features. And surprisingly, they opted not to pack in empty features, that is, features that are useless to any except a particular crowd. No, Samsung designed the NX1000 with a broader target audience: people. People like to take pictures and, in our ‘instant gratification’ generation, want to share them immediately. Samsung knows that they’re competing with smartphones simply because of their ease of use, the NX1000 needed have a better picture, be as easy to use and pack in more features than the smaller device that we all carry around.

Thankfully, it meets all of those requirements.

The picture is of the most importance, so relax knowing that each photo is delivered via 20.3 megapixels. That means the quality would fit on a 12”x18” print and look damn good while doing it. The included 20-50mm lens also removes one of the headaches typically coupled with purchasing a quality camera: buying a lens separately. Lots of cameras have beautiful pictures today, but it’s the camera’s features that sell you on the product. Take for instance the built-in WiFi; the ability to connect to a wireless network is brilliant, giving the budding photographer instant access to Facebook, Picasa, Photobucket and Youtube (yeah, it shoots HD video as well). You can also upload directly to your Skydrive or print via the personal wireless network.

Sometimes you’re not near a WiFi network though — probably more often than not if you’re taking your camera to the beach or on your cross country trip. Samsung knows this and has created options for tethering the camera to your smartphone, bridging the connection between the NX1000 and the internet. You can use your camera to take a picture, which then appears on your phone allowing for instant sharing. The transition from camera to phone is a bit slow though, going only as fast as a Bluetooth connection allows. Instead, opting to use your phone as a viewfinder — yeah, it does that too — is a faster option and allows for more interesting use.

The design features a mirrorless system, resulting in a smaller base, lighter weight and an overall reduced size which makes it ideal for travel because it fits in most spaces. The CMOS image sensor is what allows the camera to go mirrorless and enables a fast, accurate auto-zoom feature that takes the legwork out of snapping beautiful images. For those who want to project the idea that they’re skilled in photography editing without the hassle of actually learning it, there are options for you, too. Selective color snaps photos in black & white, but allows you to select red, green, or blue to stand out, a common trick used by beginner photographers to draw your eyes to a particular object. Additional options make themselves available for nothing more than having a good time. For instance, the Magic Frame option allows you to snap a picture that is then embedded on the surface of the moon or a magazine cover without the pesky need of Photoshop or other image editing software.

Clocking in at $349.99, the camera isn’t cheap, but with the quality and features included, it’s beyond affordable. For most, purchasing a quality camera for work or play can reach into the thousands of dollars, but Samsung has focused on features that are impressive but don’t break the bank. The wireless and smartphone options create a unique blend that is ideal for people on the go who don’t want to sacrifice immediate sharing, but isn’t presented in a large, gaudy piece of hardware. For those who like quality, extra features and saving some money, the Samsung NX1000 is exactly what you’re looking for.

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