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Lazer lights strike like sweet singing vultures in “All The Rowboats,” pecking at your head when the sound of drums accompany Regina Spektor’s synthesized key tones.  Her fingers glide across the black and white storm, whose voice reverberates like candy turning to ferocious waves on the Pacific.  Float across the tumult to the gentle forte stomps Spektor conducts to frighten you of the stagnation that accompanies the beauty in a gold-framed Victorian piece.  The bass pounds a rush that exhibits the perfect entrapment in a pretty case, only to be viewed by a price.  Do not let your fear take you over as the semester nears finals.  Run with the rhythm that Spektor creates and move forward from your usual customs.

Once the semester has ended, join Jack Penate’s sailing amidst calm waters while listening to “Pull My Heart Away.”  His lament of stagnation, much like that of Spektor’s, is celebratory of a forthcoming event – one that entails no obligations in an emotional relationship with another.  The summer should bring new enterprises, and a pathway to your passion.  Focus on you and no one else – and shout about it.

All biases thrown aside, plink the record onto the table turner as your sudden pump of blood has you yearning to commemorate with Music Go Music’s “Light of Love.”  The electric piano fulfills the needy role of a constant race, after meeting eyes with a blue ocean full of hope, and a flight to far galaxies from this one.  The keys cease to give up just as she does on him.

Whoa, oh, oh.  Where did the worrisome lettered flags go?

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