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Retreat for the Student's Soul

This online retreat is the perfect motivation for students

Every once in a while, an opportunity comes along that can be truly transformative and

“Retreat for the Student’s Soul” is this opportunity. It is a 12-day online journey that guides students to explore, recharge, and empower themselves to become who they’re meant to be and create the lives they’re meant to live. A truly life-changing experience.

For too many students, college is not what it should be. Instead of being nurtured and inspired, students are stressed and discouraged. Instead of being encouraged to pursue their dreams, they are taught to accept the status quo and commit to a life of complacency.

“Retreat for the Student’s Soul” is working to change that. Through one-on-one interaction in intimate, small-group settings, Melanie Steele guides students to connect with their truth and develop the tools to embrace and pursue their dreams. “Their real dreams,” she says. “The ones that will lead them to the lives they can and should create.”

How it works

Through a nurturing online gathering place, students take a 12-day journey that helps them align with their truth, connect with their dreams, and develop the tools to pursue and create the life that is right for them. Melanie provides a nurturing, welcoming safe-place that guides and inspires through daily meditations, tasks, and discussions. This unique blend only takes about 30 minutes a day, yet it is truly life-changing for those who participate.

“Retreat for the Student’s Soul” is a Gift to Yourself

College is a critical time. It’s the point where you set off down the path towards the rest of your life. If you are thrown off course at this critical time, it could end up keeping you from your dreams, from becoming the person you should be, and from living the life you’re capable of living.

Don’t allow that to happen. Make a commitment to yourself and your dreams. You’re the one who holds the key. You’re the one who knows the truth. You owe it to yourself (and the rest of the world) to embrace your true potential and step down the path that is right for you.

What magic is waiting for you? What truth lives within you? How would it feel to step in line with your authentic voice and create the life you were meant to live? Join “Retreat for the Student’s Soul” and find out what’s possible.

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