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Phone Case of the Month — Get a Nifty New Phone Case Each Month

Editorial Staff

Phone Case of the Month (PCOTM) is a unique subscription service where, for just $10 a month they send you a one-of-a-kind phone case. All cases are designed and produced by PCOTM, which means you will never see these cases sold anywhere else. Quantities are limited to just a few hundred cases per design, so you’re likely to never see someone with your case. PCOTM is currently producing cases for iPhone 4,5c, and 5s as well as Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and S5.

PCOTM is the brain child of two artists living in Las Vegas, trying to find a fun medium to express themselves. Russell Smith, artist and developer for PCOTM says, “We wanted to do something creative and fun that would get people excited about checking their mail.” Andria Smith, artist and customer service for PCOTM says, “We are having so much fun designing these cases and watching our service grow.”

Each and every PCOTM package comes with a uniquely designed phone case made of sturdy plastic with a soft silicone coating to give it a rich, velvety feel. Each case is packaged neatly in a soft fabric bag and includes a card explaining the case design, along with a unique hashtag. Sometimes they even throw in other goodies such as stickers, candy, and other small trinkets.

When it comes to phone cases, PCOTM has it covered. “We use our smart phones more than 100 times a day, why not make them beautiful?” says Andria. PCOTM ships all over the world ($5 extra for outside the United States) and offers gift subscriptions for 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. “We realized that one in five people in the world have a smart phone, so we didn’t want to limit this to the United States.” Russell says.

PCOTM became successful early on and has continued to grow every single day. “We have been so fortunate to have people like Seventeen Magazine and the Wall Street Journal compliment us on our hard work. We are truly appreciative of our customers and we can’t wait to see what’s next.” says Andria. “This has been an amazing journey and we have learned so much. We are excited to watch PCOTM continue to grow and put smiles on the faces of our customers.” Russell says.

For more information on PCOTM, or to sign up today, visit and enter the code COLLEGENEWS for 1/2 off your first month.

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