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Jennette McCurdy isn't a role model, nor does she want to be

Adrianna Velazquez

Nickelodeon star, Jennette McCurdy explains why she isn’t a role model in her Reddit rant.

Jennette McCurdy, better known as Sam on Nickelodeon’s iCarly or Sam & Cat recently went on a Reddit rant where the actress claims she’s not a role model.

“I am not a role model,” wrote McCurdy. “I don’t claim to be, I don’t try to be, and I don’t want to be.”

According to McCurdy, trying to live up to the idea of a being a role model is to set herself up for failure.

“There was a time when I tried to live up to the aggrandizing title, that pedestal of a thing… With the growing I’ve done, I realize that to attempt to live up to the idea of being a role model is to set myself up for foregone failure. Sure, I’ve made some mistakes, but even if I hadn’t, people would have found invisible ones,” she continued.

It was confirmed on July 14 by co-star Ariana Grande that the show had been canceled after a 40-episode first season. News of the show’s cancellation came after rumors of salary disputes among the actresses, rumors of McCurdy’s not-so-kid-friendly behavior off the camera and after racy photos of McCurdy leaked online in March.

In her Reddit post, McCurdy refers to Hollywood as the “bubblegum industry” and claims she is proud of how she lives her life, even if isn’t how industry insiders expect her to live.

“I am proud of the way I live my life. I am proud of my choices. I am proud that no one can call me fake or say I don’t stand up for myself. I am proud that my friends and family would say that I’m a good person.”

Although she doesn’t want to be viewed as a role model, and doesn’t try to be, McCurdy still appreciates her fans and insists they find role models of their own, people they know personally and not just through Hollywood’s lights.

“I appreciate you,” McCurdy continued. “I appreciate that you believe in me, support me, and in some way, hope to live your life like me. But please, I encourage you to find role models in the people around you, the people in your everyday life, the people that are your friends and family. I encourage you to base your idea of a role model off of someone you know well enough to see purely, not in the light, cameras, and actions of Hollywood.”

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