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Passion Pit's new album releases Angst

Elif Geris

Passion Pit

Passion Pit is making a comeback and is not afraid to spread their classically colorful choruses across the upcoming album, Gossamer.  With their sound, sprinkled with screams for freedom, Passion Pit once again hits the ground spinning.  Passion Pit’s music has always been filled with colorful spurts, and their new single, Take A Walk, may inspire you to take advantage of the April showers of May.

While Passion Pit’s music is sometimes dubbed, “cute,” Michael Angelakos’s voice emits far from what may be considered that menial adjective.  His voice translates desperation, and it is it is clear that Passion Pit aims to advance past the typical petty problems of a mainstream musical act, although Angelakos’s initial goal in creating The Chunk of Change EP was to please his girlfriend.  The challenge and anxieties that accompany having a significant other are easily surpassed by taking a walk, so to speak.

Passion Pit’s new single may veer away from what its sprightly fans are accustomed to, but the indie band continues to strive toward something unique.  And while today’s music industry relies heavily on club music, Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber’s self-proclaimed potential for being a gentleman,  Passion Pit stick to their splashes of color and help us to ponder over the changes we are forced to overcome.

Join Passion Pit in shouting from your dingy dorm rooftops, as the school semester reaches its eagerly anticipated end.  In the meantime, prepare for some sunny music festivals, which will surely introduce more club genre-free bands like Passion Pit.

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