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Omar Suleiman dies after helping torture thousands

Egyptian spy and Vice President Omar Suleiman will be remembered notoriously

Banished Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was rumored to have died last month, while the death of his spy chief, Omar Suleiman, has actually been confirmed. Omar Suleiman died at 76 while staying at a U.S. hospital.

Omar Suleiman held all of Mubarak’s secrets close to him, which is why he is dubbed “The black box,” according to WOWKTV.com. Suleiman and his people kept tabs on opposition groups, and suppressed them. But what Suleiman is most known for is his ability to keep things quiet.

But in 2002, the U.S. asked Omar Suleiman for the DNA of the head of al-Qaeda, Ayman el-Zawahri, who was a deputy officer at the time. Oman Suleiman offered to cut the man’s arm off and mail it over. But U.S. officials said a blood sample was sufficient, according to WOWKTV.com.

The idea of a funeral on Omar Suleiman’s behalf is being debated, and rejected by many. Egyptian civilians are against the idea of celebrating the life of someone who strived to bring Egypt back on its feet last year, as Vice President to Mubarak. Omar Suleiman’s goal was to save Mubarak’s position and reputation, and his appointment scared Egyptians.

Mubarak assigned the duty of keeping protests manageable through negotiations with Egyptian protestors, and also with Muslim Brotherhood groups. The Muslim Brotherhood was significantly held down by the Mubarak regime.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, Suleiman was primarily focused on national, rather than international affairs.

Rights laywer Malik Adly said, “All the time he was the pampered man of the regime, the old and the new. Even the Brotherhood is holding a funeral for him. Why? All the time he was never questioned despite so many lawsuits against him.”

Another job Suleiman oversaw was the torturing of Egyptian detainees. Many are relieved at the death of Suleiman.

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