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Not your little sister’s selfie stick

Editorial Staff

Not your little sister’s selfie stick

This selfie stick is for the adrenaline junkie pros

This is not your little sister’s selfie stick. Have you ever done something amazing and instantly thought damn I wish I had that on camera? Millions of people have the same experience every day. While some go out and purchase action cameras such as GoPro’s, others simply rely on their smartphone’s built in camera. Perfect, now you’re set to capture your adventures and share them with your friends, except are you?

Strapping your camera to your head is neat, but that’s been done a thousand times and usually you end up filming the top of your head rather than what’s in front of you.

It seems that pole mounts (yes “selfie sticks”) as much as you love or hate them, produce some of the best footage; however, traditional pole mounts have a fundamental flaw – they fix the camera to one perspective. Sure you can buy multiple camera’s but let’s face it, you’re a student… on a student budget not to mention editing multiple shots is time consuming and difficult.

Spivo solves all of these issues by allowing you to have control of the shot. Mount your favourite camera on a Spivo Sticksizes and by pushing the trigger you’ll instantly rotate the camera 1800. Having the option to film yourself, or what’s in front of you has never been easier.

Skiing through the trees at Aspen last Spring Break when a Yeti ran in front of you? Too bad your camera was facing the wrong way and your friends will never believe you. With Spivo Stick, you’ll never miss that one in a lifetime shot again.

Once you get a Spivo Stick in your hands, capturing footage will be dramatically more fun. The addition of having control of the camera point of view adds a new element of excitement to any adventure. The resulting shots are impressive and captivating; but don’t take it from us, check out some footage here.

Not only does Spivo give you more captivating shots but it also saves you time. Editing footage is tedious and daunting, the resulting shots from Spivo create transition-like effects that mean you can spend more time having fun and less time behind the screen of your laptop.

The founders of the company are lifelong action sport enthusiasts and created the product out of frustration taking turns filming each other. Participating in skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, longboarding, surfing, and scuba-diving, among many other sports, they made sure the product could withstand the demanding aspects of each activity. Originating from Canada you know the Spivo Stick has been used in frigid winters and harsh environments, as such it is made of high grade polycarbonate and is insanely durable, completely weather and waterproof and weighs less than most smartphones.  

Although the company appeals to adrenaline junkies, just because you’re too smart to jump out of a plane does not mean you cannot use a Spivo Stick to document your adventures. Many travellers and concertgoers have used Spivo Sticks to capture and relive their experiences. . Going on a hike or spending the weekend at the cottage? Bring a Spivo Stick. The scenic shots produced will keep your amazing memories preserved for a lifetime.

Whether you want to terrify your mom by showing her the massive jump you hit over the winter, or you simply want to step up your social media game with some unique shots the Spivo Stick is a must-have for anyone who wants to document their adventures.  And if you honestly think that there’s nothing exciting enough for you to document (we’d tend to disagree) Spivo Stick’s make amazing gifts to the adventurist on your list.

Ranging in three sizes 12”, 18”, and 26” and selling for only $49 there’s a Spivo Stick for every occasion; they’ll even ship worldwide. To learn more or to order yours today visit

(Shipping extra, phone mount sold separately)

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