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NBA Schedule set to come out Tuesday

Finally, the lockout is over…and now we wait for the official listing of the games

Though the NBA isn’t releasing the full schedule until tomorrow, the opening day games for the 2011-2012 season have been posted. Starting on December 25th:

Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks in New York, 12pm Eastern Time on TNT
Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks in Dallas, 2:30pm ET on ABC
Chicago Bulls vs. L.A. Lakers in LA, 5pm ET on ABC
Orlando Magic vs. Oklahoma City Thunder in Oklahoma, 8pm ET on ESPN
L.A. Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors in Oakland 10:30pm ET on ESPN

Airing at 7pm on Tuesday, the schedule will be released on NBA TV.
This season will have 66 games, instead of the usual 82.

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