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No Stove, No Problem: Microwaves to the Rescue for 5 College Student Meals

Taryn Ziegler

College kids, these microwave meals will make your life awesome

No, this won’t be an article about what the best microwaveable box dinners will be for your after-class and after-work hungry belly. Let’s face it- those box meals are no good, and the portion sizes are almost always all wrong. Oftentimes college students don’t see that there are other choices, despite knowing about the hardships of relying on box dinners. Many students are also located in dorm rooms with maybe one stove, or no stove, for dozens of starving fellow schoolmates.  

However, there is almost always a microwave nearby, and even if there isn’t one, a microwave can be picked up from the nearest department store for almost no hassling expense at all. Once you’ve got your microwave secured, take a gander at a few of these tasty recipe ideas covering breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals to keep your body properly fueled for the intellectual and physical demands of college life.

Strawberry Breakfast Bowl

It’s as good as the name suggests. The strawberry breakfast bowl is a delectable fruit-and-grain snack that can be consumed as easily for breakfast fare as for lunchtime appetizers. This breakfast bowl can be prepared in just a few minutes and cooked for a minute and thirty seconds, making it a hearty and efficient treat. To make the strawberry bowl, you will need ingredients like bran, flour, buckwheat groats, flaxseed, applesauce, and strawberries, among other materials. Making the bowl is as easy as tossing all of the necessary ingredients together, greasing the appropriate dish, and microwaving all of it.

Poached Eggs

Eggs are a nutritious and easy food to prepare and ingest. Poached eggs can be quickly prepared in a microwave-safe bowl with hardly any additional ingredients. Hot water mixed with salt and cider vinegar should be added to the bowl first, with the egg being broken into the bowl last. After preparing the bowl it should be microwaved from for two to three minutes, depending on how hot the water was. Eat the egg as quickly as you made them to warm up your growling belly and get you started for the day.


Another egg recipe, the frittata can serve either as a breakfast or a lunch meal. Ingredients include olive oil and vegetables like onions, red peppers, and broccoli. Only two eggs are needed to make one serving of this tasty feast. You’ll need to microwave the butter and veggies first before adding the eggs, and once you have all of it together you can cover and cook the bowl for one minute. Let the frittata set, and then enjoy at your leisure.

Mac and Cheese

Yes, it is possible to make a tastier dish of macaroni and cheese than using a box from the main brand. This recipe contains a few more steps than some of the other more easy instructions, but you’ll find that the added effort is completely worth it. For this dish you will need ingredients like elbow macaroni, milk, a variety of cheeses, cream cheese, and Dijon mustard.

Salmon Fillets

If you don’t like the flavor of salmon yet, you should get started on acquiring the taste now. Salmon has a plethora of health benefits for your body and is quick and simple to cook in the microwave. You’ll only need a total of about seven minutes to prepare this meal, and the ingredients, among which salmon, spices, lemon slices, and mayonnaise take the stage, are easily procurable from any nearby grocery store.

Be the envy of your dorm or house with your snazzy set of microwave recipes. Even if you do have a stove handy, you might choose to use microwave techniques instead, given how much time they generally shave off of cooking requirements and how simple they often are.

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