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NCAA basketball -have you filled out your bracket?

March Madness is officially here

The NCAA basketball tournament brackets came out Sunday, and millions across the nation are eagerly picking their reams hoping to win that office pool.

Though, every year a lower seeded NCAA basketball team upsets bracket picks, causing an upset and waste baskets to be filled up.

The break down for the East

Syracuse is currently seated at one, matched up against N.C. Asheville whom is seeded at 16. Kansas State is seeded at eight against Southern Miss at 9. 5 seed Vanderbilt is set to play Harvard, whom sits at 12. Wisconsin, 4, is paired up with Montana, sitting at 13.  Six seed Cincinnati is set to play Texas, 11. Florida State sits in the number three seed against St. Bonaventure University at 14. Gonzaga sits at seven and will play West Virginia, whom is seeded at 10. Ohio State, who sits at two, will play Loyola (MD), whom is seeded at 15.

We still have another three weeks to find out who will be sitting in the final four spots in the NCAA basketball tournament. The Final Four will take place in New Orleans. For a full breakdown of the teams and their seeds check out ESPN.

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