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National Lobster Day is June 15- fun lobster facts

Editorial Staff

June 15 National Lobster Day

Treat yourself with a delectable dish

Today Friday June 15 is National Lobster Day, so put on your bib, fill a dish with butter and get ready to crack some shells and enjoy one of the best dishes the oceans have to offer.

And, just to tease your appetite this National Lobster Day, we want to enlighten you with some interesting lobster fact.

National Lobster Day Fact 1– When a lobsters lay their eggs, only 1 in 1000 will survive and mature.

National Lobster Day Fact 2– Lobsters are like father time. They can live for a 100 plus years if they aren’t caught and eaten for dinner.

National Lobster Day Fact 3– Lobsters aren’t naturally red; they only change colors when boiled.

National Lobster Day Fact 4– While you should think with your head this National Lobster Day, lobsters actually think with their throats. That is to say this is where their brains are located.

National Lobster Day Fact 5– Your mother always told you not to eat with your hands. But, lobsters actually taste with their feet. Even more strange is that they breathe and listen through their legs.

National Lobster Day 6– Commercial fishing in main is roughly a 1.8 billion dollar industry.

National Lobster Day Fact 7– At one time, eating lobster wasn’t a status of wealth; instead, it was considered food for the poor.

So, on this National Lobster Day, splurge a little and treat yourself to a great seafood dinner.

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