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Most Common College Majors

We reveal the top five most common college majors

Over the last ten years the amount of college graduates has increased by 32 percent according to the International Center for Education Statistics. The total number of undergraduate degrees awarded for the 2007-08 school year was 1,563,000. Out of the graduating students during that year, what were the most popular degrees? Below is a list of the most common degrees received, the average starting pay for people with this major, and a couple of jobs you could get with these degrees.

Business – 21.4 percent of students that received an undergraduate degree were business majors. It is one of the more lucrative college majors and one of the most common college majors.  Students who graduate with a business degree can become managers, executives and eventually CEOs.  The average starting pay for a business degree is $57,132.

Social sciences and History – 10.7 percent of students who graduated in 2007-08 chose a history or another social science major.  You can pursue many careers with a social science degree. You could work on political campaigns, as a historian or as a diplomat to name a few.  The average starting salary for someone with a social science or history degree is $36,368.

Health and clinical sciences – 7.1 percent of students majored in health and clinical sciences.  Getting a degree in this major, you could get a job in nursing, home health care or as a patient advocate. The beginning salary for a nurse is $41,173.

Education – Education has always been a popular major and it is still going strong with 6.5 percent of students majoring in education in 2007-08.  Teaching is one major you can pursue after you receive a degree in education, and teachers continue to be sought after throughout the United States.  The average starting salary for a teacher is $29,414.

Psychology – 5.9 percent of students received degrees in psychology. It has long been a captivating subject and many students who major in psychology can become school counselors or substance abuse counselors. The beginning salary for a psychology major is $46,153.

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