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MLB Considers Alcohol Ban on Clubhouses

Molly Huscroft

Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox

MLB talks drinking ban after players admit drinking during games

MLB officials announced Sunday that they are considering banning alcohol in team clubhouses.

Joe Torre, MLB executive vice president of baseball operations, told reporters before Game 4 of the World Series that the league is considering banning alcohol in the clubhouses after several Boston Red Sox players told reporters they drank on the job.

Several Red Sox starting pitchers, including Jon Lester, told reporters they would drink beer in the clubhouse during games. According to USA Today, Lester said they were never intoxicated, but would drink beer and have chicken delivered. 

Less than half of the MLB’s 30 teams allow alcohol in the clubhouses. Several teams, such as the Arizona Diamondbacks, have already banned alcohol in their clubhouse. But it is common to see players drinking a beer after the game or on a team flight.

Torre said he plans to look into Red Sox players drinking on the job. “I know I have some plans to talk to some people.”

Torre told reporters that if an alcohol ban did come into play, it would be because of the reflection alcohol has on the league. “We’re role models, or we should be role models for the youngsters and how they behave,” said Torre.

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