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Michael McKean gets hit while walking

Jennifer Dimaano

Michael McKeen struck by car

The actor is in stable condition and misses curtain call

Tuesday afternoon actor Michael McKean was struck by a car while walking on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The 64-year-old actor was found bleeding on the scene at the corner of W. 86th and Broadway.

New York Daily News has a picture of a bloody Mckean being carried away by stretcher. MichaelMcKean was one of three rushed to St. Luke’s hospital according to DNAinfo. The actor was being treated for a broken leg and some facial lacerations. Currently, McKean is listed under stable condition.

Sterberg told the Post, “He has sustained multiple injuries, and we are trying to find out the extent of other injuries…Hopefully he’ll be fine.”

Apparently, that night the Spinal Tap actor was scheduled for a performance in Gore Vidal’s The Best Man later that evening.

Sternberg’s remarke on the actor’s missing curtain call, “Tonight will be the first time in the entire history of his very long career that he’s ever missed a show…I know he was really proud that [record].” Sternberg reports that the actor is “upset” about missing curtain call.

Michael McKeen has starred in other shows and Broadway productions like Hairspray, The Homecoming and The Pajama; his most popular was playing Lenny in 70s sitcom Laverne and Shirley.

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