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Men's business wear for interviews

Janelle Vreeland

The basics of business wear for men

Although you may have just graduated from college, you definitely should give that appearance when stepping into the office of your potential employer. Forget the freshman fads and give yourself a professional authoritative appearance by considering the following tips about how to dress for an interview  from the book “Working World 101.”

  • Men’s business wear tip: Stick with neutral suits. Navy blue, gray and charcoal are always appropriate and timeless. When fastened, fasten all buttons except for the bottom button. When sitting, unfasten all buttons so there is no bunching.
  • Men’s business wear tip: A good rule of thumb is that ties should be darker than your shirt and, if patterned, it should be a conservative pattern.
  • Men’s business wear tip: Shoes and belts should be black or brown. The color of your socks should match the color of your pant leg or of your shoes. Always, ALWAYS wear socks.
  • Men’s business wear tip: Have your hair trimmed and make sure your nails are also trimmed and clean.
  • Men’s business wear tip: Make sure your suit fits properly! If you have to borrow one from a friend until you land the job, be sure it is only that fits correctly. A suit that is too large or too small looks just as unprofessional as not wearing a suit at all.

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