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Mary Tyler Moore given a Lifetime Achievement Award

Jalesa Hall

Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore, 70, will received this honor from the Screen Actors Guild on Jan. 29

Mary Tyler Moore will be honored with a lifetime achievement award during the annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Ken Howards, the SAG’s National President, said “Mary Tyler Moore won our hearts as Laura Petrie and Mary Richards, our respect as her production company became synonymous with quality television, our awe as she tackled difficult subject matter in film and on Broadway, and our admiration she turned her public recognition into a catalyst to draw attention to critical and deeply personal health and social issues.”

He then went on to say, “  She truly embodies the spirit behind SAG’s Life Achievement Award, and we are honored to proclaim her as its 48th recipient.”

Throughout her career, Moore has received a Tony Award, 7 Emmy Awards and an Oscar nomination. She is particularly famous for her role as Mary Richards on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

In May of 2011, the actress had surgery to remove a benign tumor from the lining of her brain.

Her former “Dick Van Dyke” co-star Dick Van Dyke will present the award to her on Jan 29.

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