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Looks like college sports will be back in the video game world soon

Jess Smith

A new addition to NBA 2K16 will possibly see some college basketball teams

In the massive world of sports oriented video games, the ability to play, as a college team is sadly not evident. Until now that is! It was just announced that the extremely popular NBA 2K16 series has gone and gotten the licenses for 11 universities, which will be allegedly featured in MyCareer Mode in the game.

The collegiate licensing company has given out licenses for University of Arizona, Arizona State, Georgetown, Kansas, Louisville, Texas, University of Conneticut, UCLA, University of Wisconsin and Villanova.

Unfortunately you won’t get as much freedom as you would if you were playing a team from the NBA. None of the teams will have any real life players that are on the college teams and it is thought that you won’t even be able to change the player’s name.

There is still more to be discovered about this endeavor, but we can all agree that having a college sports add on is exciting for the mass amounts of college sports fans in this country.

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