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Looking for a Good Site to Stream Music, Movies, or TV Shows? Look No Further Than Pluto.TV

Carlo Mantuano

Tired of spending a bunch of time trying to come up with a playlist for that big party you’re hosting? Want to sit back and watch a movie or a TV show?  Pluto.TV is everything you’ve been looking for and more.

Taken from their website, they describe themselves in the following way: “The Internet is a big place, you’ve probably noticed. It’s full of great stuff, but often you spend more time searching than you do watching. We created Pluto.TV to solve that problem, winnowing out the best of online entertainment and organizing it into an easy-to-navigate system of channels.”

The channels they are talking about appear at the bottom of your window much like the TV Guide channel. All you need to do is pick what channel you want to watch and the channels range from Country to Hip-Hop to Documentary Journalism to Sci-Fi Webseries.

They describe their selection of channels by saying, “We didn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. We went broad: High fashion, snowboarding, epic fails, kids shows, medieval history, politics, entertainment, and dozens more – but we also went deep, sending out experts who live and breathe these subjects to hunt and gather the best content about their passions. They make the effort, you enjoy the results.”

Each channel plays a different program at a different time of the day and every music station plays the music video to each song.

They also have a mobile app available for download for both iPhone and Android so you can watch anywhere and on the go.

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