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Lindsay Lohan could face jail time

Danielle Olipra

Lindsay Lohan

Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan up against judge

Looks like LiLo and the law haven’t been getting along again, because the latter apparently gets in the way of Lindsay’s jet-setting to Paris. The San Francisco Examiner reports that the actress has been accused of not fulfilling her probation requirements.

Lohan recently missed two of her mandatory therapy sessions when she traveled to Paris for a modeling gig, although she claims she received permission to attend the sessions via phone calls.

Also part of her probation (this is all from a shoplifting case), a judge ordered that Lohan should spend at least four hours at the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles each visit she made. She’s reportedly missed at least nine sessions, and when she did show, left early several times.

As a result of her behavior at the Women’s Center, Lohan has been reassigned to dedicate her time to the American Red Cross, but it’s said that her total number of completed hours is “unimpressive.”

Lohan is scheduled to appear before the judge next week for a progress hearing and has said she “can’t wait” to defend herself.

Read more about Linday’s current dilemma here.

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