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Josh Smith has sprained patella ligament

Danielle Adams

Josh Smith, Atlanta Hawks forward

Scheduled for MRI Wednesday

Josh Smith, Atlanta Hawks forward, had to leave Game 2 against the Boston Celtics in the fourth quarter because of a sprain in his left knee.

Before Josh Smith left the game, he had 16 points and a team-high 12 rebounds. He left the game with the Celtics ahead 74-72 and 4:20 left to play.

“I don’t know much about [Smith’s injury],” Hawks coach Larry Drew said during his postgame press conference on Tuesday night. “We’ll know more after he’s examined. He is one of our go-to guys down the stretch. We were missing all of the things that he brings to the table for us, especially down low.”

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports tweeted updates on Smith’s condition. “Atlanta’s Josh Smith has sprained patella ligament in knee, source tells Y! ‘He walked out of arena w/no help, just gingerly,’ source says.”

“Smith will have an MRI exam on Wednesday in Atlanta.”

The Hawks are already shorthanded without centers Al Horford (torn pectoral muscle) and Zaza Pachulia (ligament strain in foot), and they may have to go into Game 3 with one less player, depending on the severity of Josh Smith’s injuries.

The Hawks lost to the Celtics last night when Boston was without guards Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen. For Game 3, the Celtics will have home court advantage, and Rondo will be back. If Josh Smith isn’t cleared to play, the Hawks don’t stand much of a chance in Boston.

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