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Juvenile Returns to Cash Money Records and Drops new Mixtape

Courtney Rose

Rapper Juvenile is back at again after he returning to Cash Money Records. The 40 year old has big plans for 2015 with a solo album lined up to be released later this year. Juvenile dropped a mixtape today titled Mardi Gras 2. The mixtape gives us a little preview of what we can expect from him in the future.

Mardi Gras 2 is a 20-track mixtape that consists of features from well known artists such as Birdman, Skip from UTP, Mannie Fresh, Future and others. The New Orleans native himself features other rising artists from the area in spirit of the title of the mixtape one of those including his son.

In an interview with MTV Juvenile talks about the expectations and pressure about being back with Cash Money.

“There are definitely expectations. I expect everybody to have expectations and the label to have expectations so I’m not saying I have to top anybody or compete but I am gonna compete with everybody and try to top everybody, it’s just the nature of this business,” he explained to MTV.

You can watch the full interview with MTV here.

You can also listen to Mardi Gras 2 here.

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