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Jermaine Jones booted from American Idol for lying about criminal history

Billy Gardner

Jermaine Jones will no longer be seen

See video below

Jermaine Jones was kicked off American Idol yesterday for having lied about his past criminal history. This was not the ideal idol dream for the 25-year-old vocal coach from Pine Hill, N.J.

TMZ broke the news yesterday and reported that, “Jones has 4 warrants out for his arrest and a history of allegedly using multiple fake names with cops.”

Below is the video of American Idol producers Ken Warwick and Nigel Lythgoe confronting Jermaine Jones on his criminal history, “You were incumbent to tell us the truth about all of this, and it appears that you just haven’t on any level,” Warick told Jones.

Ryan Seacrest dubbed the nickname “Gentle Giant” for the criminal vocalist who was advanced to the top 12 singers in the shows 11th season with his rendition of Stevie Wonder’s Knock Me Off My Feet. Jermaine Jones even fooled co-contestant Jessica Sanchez, “It was all a shock to us that he’s gone right now. We’re going to miss him so much,” she told Fox’s All Access. “He was so funny, so kindhearted. I wish he was still here.”

“I didn’t want to get judged,” said Jones. “I didn’t want to get penalized for anything that happened in the past.”

Jermaine Jones is not the first Idol contestant to get the boot from the show, Season two’s Corey Clark got canned for alleged affair with former judge Paula Abdul,and Donnie Williams was released a season later after a drunk driving arrest.

See the video of Executive Producers Ken Warwick and Nigel Lythgoe confronting Jermaine Jones:

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