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HTC One X makes a believer out of us

Editorial Staff

Fast, versital and sexy

Not to often does a phone pass through the College News office that truly impresses us. After all, most of us have these phones with these silver apples on the back. But, we had heard rumors that some were breaking off their long-term love affair with apple for HTC.

Yes, we too were skeptics at first, but when we test out the HTC One X we felt like cheating too. Plus, we would look good with a large red letter “A” on sewn to our suits and dress. All kidding aside, the HTC One X can be summed up in to simple words: elegant and powerful.

The HTC One X is blazingly fast with loads of awesome features anyone familiar with Android will not only know well, but will appreciate and enjoy.

Personalization is easy with six different scenes to choose from, six skins and a number of HTC and live wallpapers as well, including a Lava one we couldn’t take my eyes off of. Downloadable skins and wallpapers are of course available so the possibilities for personalization are nearly limitless.

There are more ringtones to choose from than we can count, including a number of catchy jingles varying from the Standard 1-7 to a number of AT&T specific ones with a whole slew of tunes in between.

The phone comes loaded with typical Android apps such as Navigation, Calendar, Camera, Music, Movie Editor and the like for all your mundane needs, however, the HTC One X also comes with a number of pretty cool apps designed for music-lovers, TV and movie-addicts and social media gurus. But, of course, any app is at the tip of your fingertips with a download or two. So, essentially anything you want, you can find.

The 8 MP camera is crystal clear on the 4.7” display and has a number of cool effects that can be added to both pictures as well as videos. Not to mention the HTC One X comes equipped with BeatsAudio, which simply wangs.

In essence, the HTC One X epitomizes user-friendliness for anyone familiar with the Android OS. It leaves the use wanting little to nothing, and, we expect, will easily give the iPhone a run for its money. Simply put, this is a phone anyone would be lucky to have.

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