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How To Get That Perfect Body For The Summer

Editorial Staff

Enjoy water and exercise all at the same time

Getting ready for summer? Will you be planning fun outings at the beach, lake, pool or park? To better assist you with your summer fitness needs, let me introduce you to AquaBells! Since 2003, AquaBells has been the leader in the travel exercise equipment category. AquaBells offers portable, collapsible Dumbbells and Ankle Weights.

Assembled in the US, AquaBells offers quality and affordable exercise equipment for all ages. Soft sided, safe and easy to utilize and store, AquaBells offers the best of all workout scenarios.

Summer is the time for travel, fun and new experiences. AquaBells, allows you the freedom to do all of this and stay connected to your current exercise program. AquaBells, Dumbbells and Ankle Weights are extremely easy to travel with. The Dumbbells weigh only 24 ounces when collapsed. Both items can be transported in a backpack, large purse, or travel bag. The Dumbbells are shipped in their own travel bag for easy storage. To fill the Dumbbells with water lay the water chamber on a flat surface,such as the bottom of a sink.. Insert the funnel provided into the water valve and slowly add water. Press down lightly on the water chamber as the water is inserted and occasionally pull-up on the funnel, to equally disperse the water. It takes approximately 3 minutes to fill each water chamber, depending on the desired weight. For the Dumbbells, you can fill up all 8 water chambers, giving a total weight of 16 pounds per Dumbbell. By reducing the amount of water in each water chamber, a lighter Dumbbell can be utilized. For Ankle Weights filling each unit will give 8 pounds of weight per pair. Add less water if a lighter weight is desired. When you are finished with your travel and need to collapse each item, it will take just minutes to empty the water and store.

AquaBells have many uses and applications. Not planning any major travel this summer, but want to keep your current exercise program consistent? If you are participating in an intern program this summer and will be required to sit at a desk for extended periods of time, AquaBells can be a valuable tool. Your AquaBells, Dumbbells and Ankle Weights can be stored under your desk (with employer permission) and used during various breaks throughout the day, such as schedule breaks or study sessions. In this case, the AquaBells equipment could be kept filled with water for extended use. Be sure to re-fill equipment occasionally for optimal results. With the soft sided construction, AquaBells are safe for the workplace environment.

With the opportunity to spend more times outdoors this summer, AquaBells are great to use poolside. If you swim as a part of your exercise program, AquaBells equipment can be used poolside, as a compliment to the aerobics benefits of swimming. AquaBells either water filled or air filled can be used in the pool during water aerobics. The resistance in the water can offer an excellent full body workout.

All of the team at AquaBells wishes you a wonderful, active summer! We hope that AquaBells becomes a part of your summer training.

For AquaBells online pricing go to:

Dumbbells- $46.95 plus applicable shipping

Ankle Weights- $28.95 plus applicable shipping

Combo Set- $69.95 plus applicable shipping

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