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Kat Dennings nude photos leaked

Mackenzie Dye

Kat Dennings' naked photos resurfaced two years later

The star is haunted by naked pictures past

Kat Dennings may be known for her blunt and candid nature on the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls, but in reality nude photos being leaked is a horror too revealing.

Nearly two years ago to the day, the pictures of Kat Dennings posing nude that first leaked in November 2010 are now resurfacing on the Internet. The photos appear to be taken in a bedroom, and show Dennings taking off her shirt and another posing nude with her phone.

Although some are from the neck down, there are some that show what could be Kat Dennings face. It looks like they were taken for her pleasure with the purpose of one other’s eyes. The photos were received after her phone was hacked.

Kat Dennings has been on the rise to stardom since her film opposite Michael Cera, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. She also has appeared in the comic-to-film series Thor in addition to her role as Max on 2 Broke Girls.

The CBS sitcom has gotten in trouble for its crude and controversial tone, just as Dennings may be after these naked photos have leaked not once, but twice. Someone seems to have gotten in trouble, because the photos that once appeared on TMZ Zoo have since been taken down.

Hopefully, this will be the last time naked photos of Kat Dennings surface, because as time goes on, she is becoming more and more of a star.

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