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Hazing linked to Florida A&M drum major's death

Hazing investigation launched

Hazing has been linked to the death of Florida A&M University’s drum major.

ABC News reports that drum major Robert Champion, 26, died shortly after performing during last Saturday’s halftime game. He was found dead on the school’s bus.

Now, performances of A&M’s marching band have been suspended as police investigate claims that Champion’s death was linked to hazing. The university has formed a task force to investigate whether or not “unauthorized and questionable” activities (such as hazing) took place within the marching band. 

The sheriff’s department and school are awaiting autopsy results.

Champion’s father confirmed that his son was in good health, as far as he knew, further suggesting hazing was involved in Champion’s death.

You can read more about Florida A&M’s hazing investigation here.

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