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Hannah Anderson ordeal

Editorial Staff

Letters, camping equipment, a DNA swab kit and other items were found in the burned house of James DiMaggio, the California man who abducted 16-year-old Hannah Anderson and killed her mother and 8 year-old brother.
On August 3rd, Hannah Anderson went missing after cheerleading practice. Her mother Christina and 8-year old brother were held in DiMaggio’s home before he tortured and killed them. Their bodies were found the next day. DiMaggio then set the house on fire before abducting Hannah and fleeing with her. The ordeal lasted for six days until DiMaggio and Hannah were spotted at his campsite in Idaho. Hannah was safe and the FBI shot DiMaggio to death.

A week later, new evidence has emerged in DiMaggio’s home. Other items found in the home handwritten letters from Hannah, used condoms, rolls of duct tape, ammunition and a gas can. Investigators would not release the content of the letters and handwritten notes.
Right after Hannah was reunited with her father and was back home safely, she shard her scary ordeal through the social media site,, where users answer questions from other people and in most cases, complete strangers. Hannah answered questions such as why she didn’t run away, was she scared the whole time, did DiMaggio do anything sexual with her, and such. She said she was glad DiMaggio was killed and didn’t try to seek help because he had a gun and feared he would kill her and anyone else who tried to help. When asked if DiMaggio did anything sexual with her, she answered, “I can’t answer that.”

Despite the craziness of the story, many of the details just don’t add up. Hannah said that DiMaggio told her one day that he had a crush on her and if he were her age he would date her. She said it made her uncomfortable but didn’t mention it to her dad because she didn’t want it to ruin their friendship. There were also reports that DiMaggio wanted to take Hannah to Las Vegas – only her, and no other family members.
Hannah has been through a lot – losing her mother, brother and being kidnapped. Regardless, the girl’s demeanor is very calm and collected despite the horror she just went through. She shared very detailed information on, and her audience members are complete strangers. There were also handwritten letters from her found in DiMaggio’s home. Also, phone records show that DiMaggio and Hannah exchanged more than a dozen phone calls to one another just hours before she disappeared.

The more details that emerge each day, the more difficult it is to believe that Hannah is the innocent victim in this story. For someone who just had their mom and brother tortured and burned in a house, and being abducted, she seems to be handling everything well…a little too well. The whole truth has not yet emerged, but at this point it’s not hard to believe that Hannah and DiMaggio had a casual or sexual relationship before things got out of control. If you ask me, I think she plays a minor role in the aftermath of the situation.


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