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Grandpa punches a shark to save children on the beach

Alex Furlin

Badass grandpa beats up a shark, is awesome

62-year old hero took on shark with bare hands

It’s not too often that you hear “grandpa” and “shark punching” in the same sentence, but it’s not too often that, you know, a grandpa punches a shark with his bare hands to shoo it away from some small children on the beach. That’s exactly what occured on the Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in Australia, where it happened to be picked up by a nearby news team.

The grandpa hero, 62-year old Australian Paul Marshallsea reported that his “instincts took over” as he approached the shark head on, pulling it away from the youngsters by the tail. The shark wasn’t one to give up however, and nearly bit Marshallsea’s leg after thrashing loose.

Wildlife expert Terry Dale managed to assist Marshallsea in thwarting the shark’s sinister plans before the coastguard was called in. They acknolwedged that Dale and Marshallsea did a fine job and heroic service, but recommended that “manhandling sharks” be left to the professionals.

But come you guys. A senior citizen beat up a shark today. Put a smile on your face.

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