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Google Glass officially marks arrival of the future

Alex Furlin

Though a bit clunky looking, Google Glass is looking to redefine mobile computing.

Google debuts new augmented-reality glasses

Google Glass, the venerable search company’s newest innovation, is probably the coolest thing ever. Remember those glasses from I Am Legend that recorded video directly from Will Smith’s point of view? Well, those are a reality now. Google Glass, a new high-tech pair of glasses developed by Google, act as a reality augmentation device. Basically, this means that Google has developed the world’s first “smart glasses”.

There’s a small camera that can take photos and videos via voice command, it’s loaded with Google Translate (just ask it to say something in a different language and Google Glass complies), it can display – IN YOUR VISION – a realtime clock, weather apps, videochat, Google web and image search, even Google Maps, all from your eyesight. It just floats there in the upper-right hand corner of your vision. The world is your screen.

As of now, the only way to get your hands on a Google Glass is to impress Google with a tweet branded with the #ifihadglass hashtag, followed by an explanation of what you would do with Google Glass in under 50 characters. Seem tough? Even if Google selects your tweet as impressive enough, Google Glass will still set you back $1,500, and you can only pick up a pair at Google’s offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York. So get tweeting.

Check out the official video depicting the many uses of Google Glass and try not to be like “wow”:

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