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Gladys Knight sent home from DWTS

Danielle Adams

Gladys Knight, 1981

Empress of Soul unfazed by elimination

Gladys Knight may have been eliminated from Dancing With the Stars, but she is choosing to remember the experience as a positive one.

After a month and a half on DWTS, Gladys Knight lost 60 pounds. “I feel amazing… Coming to DWTS kept me where I should be, so I can be a healthy weight-loss person,” she said.

Tristan MacManus said he’ll miss his Gladys Knight, his dance partner, as much as he misses his hometown of Ireland. “And I really, really miss Ireland,” he said. Knight told reporters that Tristan helped her lose weight by “wearing me out… You’ve got to eat healthy and you’ve got to put a little movement into it.”

DWTS has helped a number of stars slim down. This season, actor Jaleel White tweeted earlier this month, “I’ve lost 13 lbs. & counting, homeslice @SullivationThis #dwts sh*t is BOOTcamp like a muuuhphuca#samuelLjacksonvoice lol,” and opera singer Katherine Jenkins told the Daily Mail “I’ve lost a stone and a half. I’m burning so much energy now that it’s hard to put the weight back on.”

In the 2011 season, Nancy Grace and Ricki Lake both lost around 20 pounds and Kirstie Alley lost 38 inches the season before.

As for Gladys Knight, she says she has plenty to keep her busy even though she’s done with DWTS. “It’ll be what it’s always been,” she said in an interview backstage after the show. “I’ve always been on the move and I’ve always had things to do, places to go, people to see, and people to stand up for.”

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