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Dinara Safina’s official retirement?

Jalesa Hall

Brother suggests that Safina will retire from tennis

Dinara Safina, one half of the only brother and sister team to reach number one, will retire, according to her brother, Marat Safin. Safin disclosed to the Russian sports agency R-Sport that the Safina has acknowledged that this is “the next step in her life.”

The 25-year-old tennis player went pro in 2000 and has won 12 titles on the WTA Tour. She became number one in 2009 and spent 26 weeks at the top of the rankings. Early in 2010, she injured her back, and in May, Safina decided to take an indefinite leave for her chronic back pain.

Her brother Safin states, “She can live a daily life, but can’t do sports anymore.” He also comments that she is not entirely sure about her next step, but that she is young and has time.

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