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Modern Warfar 3 Branded Munitio Earphone Review

Josh Smith

Typically when consumers start their search for headphones or earbuds, what goes into the development of the device is the last thing on their mind. The feeling is that it doesn’t matter if the device is made of plastic, rubber, metal, or rock, as long as it sounds good. That mentality couldn’t be further from the truth and Munitio proves it with their Modern Warfare 3 branded Billet earbuds. Manufactured with some of the best material available, these 9mm sound transmitters look, sound, and feel amazing.

Earbuds are hard to gauge because each person has different sized ears. Munitio realizes that and addresses it by including six different silicone “Hollow Points” sized at small, medium, and large, and coming in two distinct colors matching the Modern Warfare 3 motif of black and green. There are still some who claim that, ‘earbuds simply don’t work for them.’ Another problem that Munitio has solved with the inclusion of ‘earhooks’, stabilizers users can attach to ensure that they stay where they’re supposed to.

As mentioned, Munitio didn’t hold back on the materials used to manufacture the MW3 Billets. The earpiece is crafted with high-grade aluminum, while the cables themselves are reinforced with kevlar. If that doesn’t scream ‘Military Grade,’ nothing does. Another design decision paying dividends is the idea to craft each earpiece from one piece of metal, ensuring that even those who don’t take necessary steps to care for them still have a functioning headset in one piece after tossing them on a desk or table.

With all this talk of how these ammo-like earbuds are crafted, the main draw is the audio and it rocks. Plugging these into your smartphone, MP3 player, iDevice, or tablet turn the mild-mannered audio into a treble-screeching, bass-thumping live concert in your ears. The design of the HollowPoint earbuds is certainly to blame. As they’re inserted into your ear canal, the rubber helps cancel the external noise, giving users the ability to listen to their favorite band in the cool, clean sound that was intended.  Additionally, the microphone allows these to be used as a hands-free phone device. No longer will you have to plug the other ear to drown out the latest Bieber song on the radio, only to mutter, “What’d you just say?” to the caller.

With top-notch audio, wonderful design, and branding that matches one of the best-selling video games of our generation, the Munitio MW3 9mm Earphones are a treat. The cable itself tends to make users feel tethered to whatever they’ve plugged them into, but despite that these will still turn heads when used. At $69.99, the price may seem steep, but audiophiles or anyone looking for earphones that will stand up to rough use will find that they’re worth every penny.

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